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The original redheaded vegan zombie


ISBN-13: 978-0991790241

You know things are bad when being dead is the BEST part of your day. Things have gone from rotten to, well, actually ROTTING for Sharon Backovic after her tragic wedding photo-related death. Now, she’s got no job, no phone, no place to live, and absolutely no idea of what a zombie who’s apparently STILL a Vegan should eat. . .

From a self-proclaimed "cryptoparapsychocriminologist" conspiracy theorist packing a crossbow to a vicious Bridezilla to the eponymous ginger out to identity-thieve our heroine in the wake of her death, Undead Redhead will charm, amuse, and touch you. Other zombies want your brains. This one is coming for your heart.

Frankel is good at creating credibly absurd scenes. . . those who are looking for a fun, original take on the zombie sub-genre will find a very rewarding book.

Amazing Stories Magazine

4.5/5 stars. This was a delightful read. Funny and resonant of modern society in all its North American wackiness.

The Spider's Edge

The novel is a quirky, funny, and touching satire of modern life as seen through the eyes of newly undead vegan redhead... A nicely Canadian take on the zombie motif.

I'm Not Boring You, Am I?

The zombie book for people like me... who hate zombie books!

The Bold Mom

the BLOOd & MAGiC series
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Starting with The Last Rite and culminating in The Mad Monk, the four books of the Blood & Magic series dare you to travel with Maggie Stuart through the darkness that hides in forbidden corners of her world and inside her own troubled soul.

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