Undead Redhead 10th Anniversary Edition


From a self-proclaimed “cryptoparapsychocriminologist” conspiracy theorist packing a crossbow to a vicious Bridezilla to the eponymous ginger out to identity-thieve our heroine in the wake of her death, Undead Redhead will charm, amuse, and touch you. Other zombies want your brains. This one is coming for your heart.

Trade paperback. 290 pages

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You know things are bad when being dead is the BEST part of your day. It should all be over for Sharon Backovic after she dies in a battle over a wedding bouquet. But, whether through divine intervention or mysterious medical miracle, Sharon finds herself resurrected on the way to her own funeral.

Not everyone is pleased to see Sharon back. In fact, her boyfriend has moved on, with her best friend no less, and she soon realizes she’s homeless, penniless, phone-less, and friendless. Who’d have thought that dying could actually be the best part of a bad day?

Soon, she’s scrambling to make friends, make sense of her own return, and make some cash. And, if she really has become the world’s first vegan zombie, exactly what is she supposed to eat?


Jen Frankel




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