Leia of Earth


Leia Gregory is lonely on her family farm during a long, hot summer. But when she wishes for an adventure, and a friend, she never expects both to arrive from outer space. Meet Lyra, a genuine Princess from the planet Syltasia, as well as her talking cat Bast, her gruff guardian Colin, and the robotic K.E.L.L.Y. Before you can say “apple juice,” Leia is off on a mission to Mars, and beyond!

Trade paperback. 152 pages.

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Leia Gregory lives on a farm and longs for a friend. She never expects one to arrive from outer space!

But when Lyra, Princess of the far-off planet Syltasia, crashes in her apple orchard, Leia is launched on an interplanetary adventure, to rescue Lyra’s fiancĂ© Prince Rei and her father from the clutches of her evil stepmother and the magical Roc-Sphinx. Leia will need a bit of folksy farm wisdom, and the courage to face whatever happens.

A science fiction adventure for young adult readers ages 9+


Jen Frankel


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