The Red Ring


Maggie Stuart feels alienated and lost – her former friends ignore her, and magic, something that once came naturally, has deserted her entirely. But when she interrupts a dangerous occult ritual, it is the beginning of another baptism by fire for both her and the boys she once saved: Jason Lawson, Scott Saunders, and Aaron Scribner. And she discovers that the supernatural world has never been as far away as it had seemed. . .

From the placid streets of suburban Toronto to the terrifying depths under the city, from the corridors of law enforcement to the bitter heart of a young girl’s dreams, THE RED RING will take you on a journey far beyond the average fantasy. Follow Maggie into the darkness, if you dare.

Trade paperback. 414 pages.

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Now nearly sixteen, Maggie Stuart’s outlook has changed even if her circumstances are much the same. She’s short on friends, but long on patience. Magic was once part of her life, and she’ll wait for as long as she has to in order to get it back.

A botched ritual performed by Maggie’s old elementary school friends in the gymnasium at their new school releases… something into the area, something that wants blood. When they come to Maggie for help, she can hardly believe her good luck. But other old adversaries are circling, along with a new supernatural force that will take them deep under Toronto itself and back into a world of subterfuge, lies, and danger.

Blood & Magic series

Book Two


Jen Frankel


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