Feral Tales


A mysterious village, hidden forever from war. An Endless Forest, and the exhausted stage manager who dares its challenge. The psychic who‘ll read your fortune, but only on one day a year. A girl who changes the world around her into a nightmare. Feral Tales take you to places of horror and wonder, fantasy and danger. Are you ready for them? Because they can’t wait to meet YOU.

Trade paperback. 186 pages

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From a tiny village hidden by magic from war to a strange forest with no end, from a young woman questing for a book that doesn’t exist to a homemade Tarot deck that, in the wrong hands, warps the very fabric of reality.

These are not destinations for the faint of heart, but don’t worry. Come in, friends: how could shadows hurt you?

Twelve tales of fantasy and horror from award-winning author Jen Frankel, including three featuring characters from her Blood & Magic series. Are you ready for them? Because they can’t WAIT to meet YOU.


Jen Frankel


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