Undead Redhead


You know things are bad when being dead is the best part of your day. Things have gone from rotten to, well, actually ROTTING for Sharon Backovic after her tragic wedding photo-related death. Now, she’s got no job, no phone, no place to live, and absolutely no idea of what a zombie who’s apparently STILL a Vegan should eat. . .

Trade paperback. 220 pages. Horror/Romance

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After her tragic death in a wedding bouquet-toss accident, Sharon Backovic wakes up in a coffin on her way to her own funeral. Is she dead? Is it all a mistake? Or is she actually… a zombie?

For the girl who loved animals, her boyfriend, and vegan food, it’s not an auspicious start to a resurrection. Her boyfriend is now dating her best friend. She has no home, no money, very little self-respect, and a troubling rumble in her tummy.

But Sharon’s innate goodness and resilience have also survived her death. Hunted by a mad conspiracy theorist, mentored by a crack addict, befriended by an Asian grocer and a cute comic book guy, this is one redheaded vegan zombie who’s not going to let being dead stop her from getting the most out of her afterlife.


trade paperback, ebook


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