By the Numbers

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One year. 52 weeks. 36 shows. Hundreds of readers and performers. … 108 hours in transit …

It’s been quite the year, by the numbers and by every other measure I can make. I know I say it all the time, but I am just stunned by the honesty and talent I am so honoured to present every Write On! Write Now. And it all just … shows up! As they say, I might have built it, but you came. And you keep coming, and giving each and every WOWN night what I can only call the “WOWN factor.” Wown. Just … Wown.

Tonight, Tuesday April 18, 2023 marks one year (less one day, but who’s counting?) since Write On! launched at Bampot House of Tea & Board Games. We started off in the front room, moved to the back, then outgrew the back and returned to the front again. Some nights I’m worried we’re on the verge of outgrowing that, but you are all so generous with your space and so welcoming to newcomers that we’ve never had to turn anyone away.

We’ve seldom had to turn readers away either, except for a mere twice when my own schedule cut the time short. The ability of WOWN to expand to meet the community’s need for performance slots is another thing I love about the night.

I am grateful to each and every one of the attendees and participants over the past twelve months, grateful for what I’ve learned, how I’ve been entertained, and where you’ve hit me hard. I’m just as excited to travel to Toronto every week as I was at the beginning, anticipating stories and poems, and (often) songs and eager to see you all again.

Let’s hear it for you, and here’s looking forward to the next year!

1 thought on “By the Numbers”

  1. Your spirit lives through those words, I feel like you are inside my head talking to me with, sitting on your porch, or Driving to a Niagara On The lake wedding. ( but not so “on any lake” I could see around the property. I guess Niagara on the QEW isn’t as romantic. Lol.

    Congratulations on this amazing commitment and achievements Write On Write Now has evolved into and May it Continue to bring you many more rewards as I have felt here.

    PROUD of you!!!

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