Starting with The Last Rite and culminating in The Mad Monk, the four books of the Blood & Magic series dare you to travel with Maggie Stuart through the darkness that hides in forbidden corners of her world and inside her own troubled soul.


Maggie Stuart is only 13 when she has her first life-altering encounter with the occult. Kidnapped, endangered, pushed to the limits of her young strength, she discovers her own innate supernatural powers — and a powerful addiction that will follow her throughout her entire life.



After her tragic death in a wedding bouquet-toss accident, Sharon Backovic wakes up in a coffin on her way to her own funeral. Is she dead? Is it all a mistake? Or is she actually… a zombie?


For the girl who loved animals, her boyfriend, and vegan food, it's not an auspicious start to a resurrection. Her boyfriend is now dating her best friend. She has no home, no money, very little self-respect, and a troubling rumble in her tummy.


But Sharon's innate goodness and resilience have also survived her death. Hunted by a mad conspiracy theorist, mentored by a crack addict, befriended by an Asian grocer and a cute comic book guy, this is one redheaded vegan zombie who's not going to let being dead stop her from getting the most out of her afterlife.

Feral Tales


From a tiny village hidden by magic from war to a strange forest with no end, from a young woman questing for a book that doesn’t exist to a homemade Tarot deck that, in the wrong hands, warps the very fabric of reality.

These are not destinations for the faint of heart, but don’t worry. Come in, friends: how could shadows hurt you?

Twelve tales of fantasy and horror from award-winning author Jen Frankel, including three featuring characters from her Blood & Magic series. Are you ready for them? Because they can't WAIT to meet YOU.


Blood & Magic  Book Three


Pith, prose, and poetry: a little anthology of the silly, savvy, and sometimes smurt from the head of author Jen Frankel.



Waiting for the upcoming release of Heaven & Hell? You can now preview the third in the BLOOD & MAGIC series in four separate limited edition chapbooks. Click on the covers to read more!

Parts 3 & 4 coming soon! Follow us on social media for release dates.

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Leia of Earth
YA science fiction (recommended for 9+)


Leia Gregory lives on a farm and longs for a friend. She never expected one to arrive from outer space!

But when Lyra, Princess of the far-off planet Syltasia, crashes in her apple orchard, Leia is launched on an interplanetary adventure, to rescue Lyra's fiance Prince Rei and her father from the clutches of her evil stepmother and the magical Roc-Sphinx. Leia will need a bit of folksy farm wisdom, and the courage to face whatever happens.

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