Blood  & Magic 



Descend below an urban landscape where the supernatural is real, but only for some, where blood fuels the most powerful magic, and the hunger for mastery is an addiction that cannot be denied.



Starting with The Last Rite and culminating in The Mad Monk, the four books of the Blood & Magic series dare you to travel with Maggie Stuart through the darkness that hides in forbidden corners of her world and inside her own troubled soul.

The Last Rite
Blood & Magic  Book One


Maggie Stuart has been having troubling dreams which get even more frightening when one of them comes true. In the course of a few days, she is ripped away from her elementary school and spirited away to an underground maze where she is either the centre of an ancient magician's world... or his chosen prey.

It's a place where enemies might become friends, where even a beloved teacher could harbour secret plots, and nothing can be taken at face value. For a lonely thirteen-year-old,  it's also strangely enticing. The enigmatic, ageless Char could be the father figure she's always coveted, or something more. As Maggie circles closer to the truth, will her own vulnerability be her greatest strength? And will her greatest fear be of what she herself is becoming?

The Red Ring

Blood & Magic  Book Two


Now nearly sixteen, Maggie Stuart's outlook has changed even if her circumstances are much the same. She's short on friends, but long on patience. Magic was once part of her life, and she'll wait for as long as she has to in order to get it back.

A botched ritual performed by Maggie's old elementary school friends in the gymnasium at their new school releases... something into the area, something that wants blood. When they come to Maggie for help, she can hardly believe her good luck. But other old adversaries are circling, along with a new supernatural force that will take them deep under Toronto itself and back into a world of subterfuge, lies, and danger.

Heaven & Hell

Blood & Magic  Book Three

Maggie at twenty-three is living in Montreal, trying to make it as an artist while drinking far too much. Magic remains the itch she can't scratch, the secret addiction that drives her into the night.

Everything changes when she discovers a spell she can actually work, literally in a dream. But that isn't the most dramatic development. Drawn into the glamorous world of Montreal's newest luxury casino, reconnected with her former teacher, it's almost too much when a brutal crime committed by a lost friend sends her back to Toronto and toward the thorniest dilemma of her life.



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The Mad Monk

Blood & Magic  Book Four


Dedicated to a life she could never have imagined in her youth, the 35-year-old Maggie Stuart has isolated herself after an exhausting decade-long world tour. She has uncovered many truths that illuminate her own past and her possible futures, and as many lies.

As has happened too many times before, Hunt re-emerges into her quiet existence. This time, he's come with a far darker purpose than ever before, to reclaim a debt Maggie hardly knows she owes, fulfilling a plan he's had since long before Maggie Stuart even dreamed that magic was possible...