Leia of Earth by Jen Frankel

In Leia of Earth, young Leia Gregory spends her summer lounging in an old apple tree on the family farm, dreaming and wishing that she had a friend who lived close by to play with. Her wish is answered in the most extraordinary way when a distressed space ship crashes right at the base of the orchard.

Now, Leia has the opportunity to make friends with someone from much farther away than the next town, Princess Lyra of the planet Syltasia. And Lyra is not only offering friendship but the chance for Leia to travel out beyond the bounds of the Earth itself on a rescue mission to the Red Planet, Mars.

with a special afterword by Andrew Rader, Ph.D Astrophysics (M.I.T.)


Leia of Earth

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Life is quiet on the Gregory farm until a spaceship crashes in the old apple orchard. On board are Syltasian princess Lyra, her guardian Colin, and the cranky ti-cat Bast, on a mission to save the King of Syltasia and the son of the Emperor of the known Universe. Leia Gregory knows a lot of folk wisdom and has a great imagination. Now all she has to do is convince her parents to let her travel along with Lyra to help find the missing royals: all the way to Mars!


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