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Fanthropological! Recently, I had a total blast with three Nicks and a podcast called Fanthropological, talking speculative fiction and making a lot of VERY silly jokes. And remarks about Margaret Atwood. And talking about how to pronounce “Heinlein”… I’m not just saying this because I was a part of it, but you should listen to …

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Sharon, the Undead Redhead

Sharon the Undead Redhead Meet Sharon Backovic: vegan, ginger, and undead. The Making of an Undead Redhead In “Undead Redhead,” heroine Sharon Backovic faces a lot of problems even before she dies, in a freak wedding bouquet toss incident. Her journey forces her to confront even more troubling questions, like, When I was alive, was …

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Climaxes: Happy Endings in Storytelling Regarding Climaxes: I’m not sure if I am writing an essay on how sexual climax is like giving an ending to a story, or how storytelling is like sex. Maybe it’s not one or the other but a look at how we apply the concept of satisfaction to a broad …

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What An Idea Isn’t

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We tend to get a little deluded about just what an idea is. Not surprising, with marketers and lifestyle gurus trying to sell you the idea of get-rich-quick and easy Nirvana. Before you get excited about that great idea you had that will change your life, let me offer a bit of a reality check …

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Podcast Transcript for The Pealing of a Bell: JFRRS 1.1

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Podcast Transcripts The Pealing of a Bell on a Silent Night: Jen Frankel Reads Random S#it ep 1.1 listen on iTunes TuneIn  SoundCloud original airdate: Jan 6, 2017 Podcast Details For anyone who loves cinema, sound is just as important as the visual image to storytelling. In the debut episode of the JFRRS! Podcast, Jen …

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