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Climaxes: Happy Endings in Storytelling Regarding Climaxes: I’m not sure if I am writing an essay on how sexual climax is like giving an ending to a story, or how storytelling is like sex. Maybe it’s not one or the other but a look at how we apply the concept of satisfaction to a broad …

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What An Idea Isn’t

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We tend to get a little deluded about just what an idea is. Not surprising, with marketers and lifestyle gurus trying to sell you the idea of get-rich-quick and easy Nirvana. Before you get excited about that great idea you had that will change your life, let me offer a bit of a reality check …

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Podcast Transcript for The Pealing of a Bell: JFRRS 1.1

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Podcast Transcripts The Pealing of a Bell on a Silent Night: Jen Frankel Reads Random S#it ep 1.1 listen on iTunes TuneIn  SoundCloud original airdate: Jan 6, 2017 Podcast Details For anyone who loves cinema, sound is just as important as the visual image to storytelling. In the debut episode of the JFRRS! Podcast, Jen …

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Negotiation Opening pleasantries with a pretty room Done over for comfort; played in rose Made in the absence of its owner Allow her the satisfaction Of kicking her worn boots to the corner So clever spills out and about her socks In rose pile Like clover in a spring-time field When last did she reach …

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