A little anthology of pith, prose, and poetry

Some things silly,  some savvy, and some smurt from the head of Jen Frankel. Illustrated, also by me.

When I first began publishing, it was with a typewriter, scotch tape, a pair of scissors, and the photocopier at the local drugstore. I may have sophisticated-up over time, but this little collection is still basically built on the bones of my very first poetry chapbook.

Then, it was titled, Moving, or How to Meet Colm Feore By Not Trying, and I put it inside covers made of coloured cardstock (also photocopied at Shoppers Drug Mart) and sold it or gave it away for years in my late teens.

When it came time to put out my first poetry collection as a nominal adult, I decided to tart up that early chapbook with some new illustrations and a bit of hindsight, and voila: a charming and silly little piece of nonsense I’ll hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

from Moving
angel, shy, poetry
Shy Angel, from
the back cover

I want it to be said, “She was a

quiet girl, really, always

scribbling something in that book

of hers. . .

Just after my final, fatal,

murderous rampage perhaps.

We knew there was something

wrong when she brought that

Russian-made submachine gun to

pottery class. . .”

42 pages