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Jen Frankel Reads Random S#it!

a podcast that is LITERALLY all about writing. . . and reasonably LITerate 😉

Hi, I’m Jen Frankel and I like to read random s#it. Rather, I’m an author and artist, and it can be lonely sometimes when you’re working hard and all you have for company is the cat or the barista (depending on where you happen to be having coffee in front of your computer on a given day).

If you love to write, or if you’ve just experimenting with the idea, you might find yourself overwhelmed not just by the process but by the number of forms of writing that are available for exploration. Poetry, fiction, autobiography… even lyrics and musical libretto. The way humans use their words are as varied as they are.

Join me on an exploration of form and function, of how words go together as much as what they say. One part entertainment, one part education, I aim to stimulate and inform. Leave me your comments and questions below, and I’ll try to answer them on an upcoming episode!

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