Undead Redhead

a novel of horror & humour
about a zombie. who’s Vegan.

You know things are bad when being dead is the BEST part of your day. Things have gone from rotten to, well, actually ROTTING for Sharon Backovic after her tragic wedding photo-related death. Now, she’s got no job, no phone, no place to live, and absolutely no idea of what a zombie who’s apparently STILL a Vegan should eat. . .
The zombie novel you never saw coming!


240 pages, trade paperback

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The Setting

Toronto the Good. The Biggish Smoke. Home of the Maple Leafs, the Blue Jays, the Raptors, the Royal Canadian Exhibition, the CN Tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and one of the world’s most diverse populations.

And now, it’s home to something a little more. . . undead.


The Characters

Sharon Backovic

Once upon a time, Sharon was like so many other young women in Toronto – working in a job she wasn’t entirely sure she liked, dating a guy she wasn’t entirely sure liked her, and ready to be a bridesmaid for a friend who wasn’t always entirely friendly. And then, it happened. Call it fate, call it Kismet, or just call it one hell of a crappy way to die.

Malcolm Sinclair

Guyanese-born, geek to the core. When you want to know something about the underlying themes of Superman as they relate to world politics and utopian fiction, Malcolm’s your man. You can find him at Kensy Comics, the best little comic shop in all of Kensington Market. Or out in the back alley taking a. . . a break. Yeah, that’s what he’s doing. Just don’t let his sister know he’s still smoking!

Teeny Sinclair

Malcolm’s beloved little sister, returning to school after a gap year of potentially indeterminate length. Teeny is sweet enough to want to change the world for the better, and tenacious enough to give it a go. But she’s a little unsure of exactly what to do next, so for now, she’ll just put on the kettle for some delicious Oooooo-long!

V. X. Morgoni

Victoire Xandria Morgoni fights the good fight every day, a kind of one-woman “Lone Gunmen’s Club.” From behind her camera lens or from her keyboard, she’s on the case exposing paranormal disturbances, strange outbreaks, and government malfeasance. She’s also Teeny’s roommate, because no one else has ever been able to handle living with her.

[name unknown] AKA The Cracklady

Want a wise old mentor? Don’t mind hanging out behind the food bank? Then you can’t do better than what’s-her-name, you know, the cracklady. Sweet, sensitive, and sometimes a little bit sensible, she’s there for Sharon when she just needs to talk. Or figure out if tuna sandwiches are the answer to her dietary issues.

The Undead Redhead

I know. You thought this would be Sharon. But she’s not. It’s this girl. Although not quite yet. But she’s got a box of “Southern Flame” red hair dye and a thirst for fame exceeded only by her talent for manipulation. Whether it’s scamming a spot on a national entertainment show or some illegal explosive, she’s your girl. Or rather, any girl you want her to be.

Waglet Alcine

As a child growing up in Haiti, Waglet thrilled to the stories of the houngan and mambo, the priests and priestesses of Voodoo. Now living in Toronto, Waglet still carries some of the magic and mystery of that far-off place with him. And he really loves his guinea pig, Sharon II.

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