Leia of Earth

YA sci fi fantasy adventure to Mars and beyond!

Leia Gregory always has a hard time in the summer. Isolated on the farm, away from friends and civilization, the best times she has are spent reading or dozing in her favourite apple tree.

Until, that is, a spaceship crashes right in her own backyard!

for younger readers 8 and up

bast goldenWith wonderful characters like the alien, monkey-tailed ti-cat Bast, the malevolent Roc-Sphinx, a flying robot called K.E.L.I., and the dignified Lyra, Princess of Syltasia.

Leia gets lonely over the summer when she’s on the farm, and all her friends live so far away. She never expects a new friend will literally drop from the sky!

A book that will appeal to girls and boys, with an adventure that takes Leia, Lyra, and her grumpy guardian Colin deep underground the surface of Mars on a rescue mission, with the peace of the universe at stake.L L col cor

with a special afterword by Andrew Rader, Ph.D Aerospace Engineering (MIT) and author of Leaving Earth: Why One Way to Mars Makes Senseand illustrations by the author.

pages, trade paperback
featuring illustrations by the author

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