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Starting Up is Hard to Do

Starting Up is Hard to Do

So, a funny thing happened on the way to this post. I used to have a website. Well, a couple of them. I didn’t do much to keep them up-to-date, or even to drive traffic to them. I actually neglected them.

And then they were gone. Long story, yadda-yadda. Not a big deal. Except for the whole thing about losing a lot of writing done in the service of telling people about what I’m writing and where I’m going to be to talk about it (and thank you thank you, Wayback Machine!).

The problem remains what the problem always is. I’m an artist. I have a brain that works really well in certain ways, and really badly in others. Like, writing about my own work. I have nothing but awe and admiration for people who have that marketing gene. I got totally skipped.

So this is hard, this part of being someone who does creative stuff. When you write, or draw, or sing, or, I don’t know, refurbish old cars into municipal-sized planters, you probably dream about people seeing what you’ve done, and interacting with it, being moved by it, having an emotional connection. But a lot of times, the magic link between creating something, and having others see it, just isn’t there. When I dig into my brain looking for ideas about how to get people excited about some story or film I’ve finished, often there’s just nothing there.

Getting the new website off the ground and populated with everything I need it to say is not going to be easy. It will, however, be my pleasure, and hopefully will add to yours as well.

And I’d love your comments on my quirky new homepage (not yet live—so come on in for an exclusive sneak peek!)

Jen Frankel will soon be live again at www.wildcardpictures.com as well!