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  • Jen Frankel Reads Random S#it!
    March 7, 2017

    Welcome to the JFRRS! Podcast, where I get to read anything — well, virtually anything I’ve ever written.  Stories, essays, poetry, lyrics, excerpts from longer works: it’s anything goes! And fancied up with some nice music and maybe a sound effect or two. Great for your commute or relaxing after a long day’s work. Fully portable me!

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  • Observations Made After a Great Fall
    January 25, 2017

    Went down the rabbit hole last week. I haven’t had a major depressive episode in a while, so it was a wake-up call.

    Curiously – or curiouser and curiouser, I suppose, in keeping with the Alice theme – my recent improved mental health has given me some different perspectives on what it means to be ill.

        1. It’s interesting that my depression is seen as part of my creative process by many. This is not the case. Depression stands in the way of everything I do. I have to fight ten times as hard to write when I’m depressed. I get nothing ... more...
        2. If It’s a Sonnet, It Must Be Love
          January 16, 2017

          JFRRS! 1.2

          Welcome to episode two of the JFRRS! Podcast, aka Jen Frankel Reads Random S#it!, If It’s a Sonnet, It Must Be Love.

          In this edition, I’m reading a series of poems on that most ineffable of human emotions, love.

          I hope you’ll share your comments below, and even direct me to some of your writing!


        3. The Pealing of a Bell on a Silent Night
          January 8, 2017

          JFRRS! 1.1

          Welcome to the first episode of the JFRRS! Podcast, aka Jen Frankel Reads Random S#it!, The Pealing of a Bell on a Silent Night. In this podcast, I’m reading an essay I wrote about the amazing Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

          The inspiration behind the podcast is to share some of the admittedly often extremely random writing I’ve done in my lifetime. I write a little bit of everything: poetry, song lyrics and librettos, essays, short stories, novels and novellas, journalism from op eds to feature articles. . . I’ve always been better at writing a little bit of everything rather than sticking to a particular subject or form of writing. The restlessness of my mind demands exploration, both of form and content. In the process of writing, I discover new ways to put words together, and new ideas evolve and grow into fully fledged creations on ... more...

        4. Welcome to 2016!
          February 25, 2016

          Wow! What a difference six months make!

          When we last spoke, gentle readers, I was lamenting the mess at Fan Expo that left me and the other authors I love seeing every year at this event out in the… well, definitely not “cold” at that time of year in Toronto, so let’s say “in the street” instead. I honestly still am not sure what I’ll do this year when it comes to Toronto’s biggest comic convention, and time is running out to make that decision.

          But I do have a lot on my plate, a gargantuan amount actually, and all of it is pretty urgent. Not to mention FUN!

          First, the main reason for the lack of website updates is that I’ve been hard at work on my first short film in several years, a passion piece I wrote a long way back that’s finally being realized. In it, I play Petra Ramsay, ... more...

        5. Con Update mid-2015
          August 8, 2015

          First of all, apologies as usual. I have not only done several conventions since  the last time I posted in Events, I also have released two new books! Yeah, a little apology, a little brag. Hopefully in a tasteful ratio.

          First, the cons.

          I attended both Ottawa Comicon, and Montreal, which are both run by the same organization. These have quickly become favourites of mine: they get the best guests and treat vendors and artists alike as well as the celebs. It’s a joy — especially since I’ve been able to host panels at two Montreal Comicons in a row, both of which were immensely successful and rewarding.

          This year, I did my time travel panel — always a hell of a good time, and especially exciting because I end up with a list as long as my arm of new stuff to read and watch. Thank you to all of the attendees ... more...

        6. Why FHRITP Only Hurts Those Who Love It
          May 13, 2015

          So there’s a happy little trend among guys who like to yell rude things at women committing the sin of DSWF (Doing Something While Female)–apparently, it’s been popular among them for at least a year now. The fact it’s stayed under my radar is just an even happier happenstance.

          It revolves around a blandishment that’s referred to in journalism and online as FHRITP, although those who like to yell it at female reporters prefer the full version: “F*ck her right in the p*ssy.”

          I use the asterisks for convention, not because I’m offended without them and not so much with.

          The tradition of obscuring or bleeping what is considered foul language is just that: a tradition. It’s an easy way to make a show of our scruples without having to confront what lies beneath them.

          FHRITP is a good example.

          Yes, the language is foul, and it’s not just insulting but assaulting—not just ... more...

        7. Undead Redhead – The Webseries
          April 15, 2015

          So – amazing news. Undead Redhead has been optioned to be a feature film! I’ll post updates as new information becomes available, but for now, here’s the thing.

          I was on track to shoot the webseries version of the book, starring the lovely Samara Stern, but now everything has changed. But we did shoot a fabulous teaser (“Wedding Fail”), a very muscular trailer, and some other fun stuff. No reason not to share those with you at least! Enjoy. 🙂


          The New Webseries from Wildcard Pictures

          Written and Directed by Jen Frankel
          Starring Samara Stern

          You’re bound to be a little suspicious if your boyfriend shows up late to something with another woman. It’s worse when both of you are bridesmaids at a ... more...

        8. The Forgotten Gemstone: Book Review
          April 11, 2015

          Review: Kit Daven’s The Forgotten Gemstone

          Eager Eye Books, 2013


          It’s rare that, as an adult, I experience the pleasure of an entirely new and satisfying kind of reading experience. Discoveries seemed more common as a child as I dove into Tolkien, or L’Engel, Brooks or McCaffrey, or discovered the meaty, idea-driven sci fi of LeGuin, Asimov, and Clarke.

          Hard science fiction with a meaningful human component seems too rare in my adult life, and the kind of story that not only satisfies the left-brained thinker in me but my consciousness of the world’s progress in the years since Heinlein got away with female characters that even as a teenager felt pretty wrong.

          The world has changed in the last hundred years, and not just in terms of technology. Psychologically and socially, humanity is in the throes of difficult and contentious conflicts within itself and its own psyche that won’t be resolved for another ... more...

        9. Ad Astra 2015
          April 7, 2015

          It’s time to get out on the circuit again!

          This year, my first major convention is Ad Astra in North Toronto, April 10-12, at the Sheraton Parkway. Although I won’t be on any panels (due to overwhelming and timely applications!) I will be appearing at the brand new demo space Saturday 13:00 and 15:00, and Sunday 13:00 with either author Kit Daven or Amanda Portelli. Check your program guide for details!

          6x9_Front_Cover_smAd Astra will also be your first chance to get your hands on a copy of my newest novel, YA sci-fi fantasy LEIA OF EARTH. If you’ve been following other posts, you may have seen the gorgeous colour cover or a picture of Bast, the ti-cat. Bast is the tetchy companion of Lyra, Princess of the planet Syltasia, a golden kitten-sized catlike creature with a long, prehensile tail. But she doesn’t use ... more...