Okay, I’ll admit it: I did a couple of Kiwanis music festivals along the way. And sang show tunes in a whole lot of theatrical reviews. I think I can still kick over my head, but I’d want to make sure I was wearing the right duds before checking THAT one out.

But my real love has always been composing songs. I don’t perform live a lot, but I’ll do it at the drop of a hat (under the name XENOFRANKA, in case you wanna track me down). Or smash together a video to post on YouTube. Just remember — if you DO drop a hat, I’d probably prefer that it’s NOT all spangly. Those days are over — I don’t have to sell ma body to the night. . . Hang on. . . I think I’m channelling something. . .

The Toronto In The People
Original tune (studio version)

This is a song I LOVE to sing and perform. Especially when I have my ancient, very primitive Kawai keyboard with the crazy old beatbox button. . .


“Snowman” – original tune (live)
@ 751 Lounge, Toronto

Feedback! Fingering! Forgetting the words! Gotta love it live. . . Performing for an open mic night on Toronto’s Queen West. Also, first time I’d played this song in years (not to mention the first time I’d picked up a guitar in months!) so I think I acquitted myself rather stylishly. 😉

The NFL Lockout’s Over
Original song & vid

Remember the NFL lockout? Honestly, it didn’t even make that much of an impression on me at the time. But I was challenged to put whatever feelings I could muster about the near-tragedy for Major League Football (all caps of course) into song, and this was the result. Now I’m just praying for another lockout so I can be relevant again!