Art! Or something else. . . but you’ll know it when you see it. 😉


Do I love to paint chess pieces? Yes, I do! Do I play? Not so much. I’ll tell you a story about a grandmaster and the wife of a Somali warlord to explain, but you gotta buy me a drink

25 Imaginary Works

a selection of works of art I intend never to actually produce. click on the image below to begin!

Grinning Man!

Follow Grinning Man on his adventures through Toronto and region! Because he’s out there and LOVING IT! Scroll forward to see where Grinning Man has been – and back one for his special “sneak preview” appearance at the Toronto Fringe!

Grinning Man Does the Fringe!

  Grinning Man is getting his culture this week, and we DON’T mean something nasty and medical. Nope, our brave explorer is filling up on the best new and avant garde performance Toronto has to offer at The Fringe. Can

White Knight

A painting I did as a commission for a friend’s father, who loved chess and viewed himself as a “White Knight,” a crusader against injustice. Acrylic, 12″x12″ on canvas. 2015.

Knight in Shining Armour

Knight in Shining Armour (sketch).  One of my many concept sketches. This one has not been turned into a painting, yet. Graphite on paper.  

The Last Rite Cover

The Last Rite full cover. Designed and updated for subsequent editions of the novel starting with the first printing in 2012. Included are my illustration of Maggie suspended in mid-air above the pentacle in the book’s climax and, in the